Monday, June 7, 2010

Hummus Hubris

I have yet to find a store-bought hummus that comes close to being as good as what I can make by myself from scratch.

One of the advantages of being a bachelor is that I can serve myself dinner in ay order I want, and combine dishes the combination of which other people might be taken aback. Tonight I chose for my late dinner a starter of flatbread and hummus, to be followed later bt barbecued babyback ribs and a simple salad of baby lettuces, paired with an Argenmtinian Malbec. All of the ingredients came premade from Trader Joes, since I finish work just before they close and didn't have time or the money to buy everything raw and from scratch -- amazing how little one gets to cook for ones self when one spends all day cooking for others.


The Hummus is Trader Joes "Smooth and Creamy Classic", a straightforward hummis with no funky ingredients (like their eggplant hummus). While it's palatable, I have a few quibbles:

For one thing, when it comes to being smooth and creamy, it's too much of one and not enough of the other. I prefer my hummus with a little chumkiness to it. And creamy? Well, I expect something a bit thicker be associated with the word "creamy". This is about as thick as yogurt -- I like it closer to sour cream in consistency. Finally, they need to cut back just a wee bit on the lemon juice -- I have no need to fear contracting scurvy any time soon.

All in all, as I said, edible, but if you have the knowledge and means to make it from scratch instead, do.


  1. I get hummus at Balducci's, they make it themselves and it's usually pretty good, they occasionally screw it up, but you can see it's grainy instead of creamy through the container.
    They also make a bunch of flavored ones, peppers and stuff like that, I haven't tried them, but I almost always get their hummus for dipping my sandwiches in.

  2. If only we had a Balducci's here. I'll just have to keep on making my own.