Thursday, April 29, 2010

No long rant here, just a quick observation.

One of my jobs is as a substitute lunch aide in a local school district. It's not a cooking job, all I do is record the kids' lunches into the computer. I happen to work at the poorest school in the district -- about 80% of the kids are on free or reduced lunches.

Yesterday I noticed something, after making and correctign an entry error -- the kids on free lunches still get charged for milk if they bring their own lunch and only take a milk. Yet if they take a full lunch, they get the milk with it -- free. It was explained to me that this is because there has to be a compensatable meal for the school to get the money back from the government.

Tell me that isn't as much about developing dependence on the government as it is about providing a needed service.


  1. Just curious, what's the cost of a lunch, lunch with milk, and milk?

    I'm sure I'll be surprised.

  2. Depends on if you're a student or an adult.

    For the kids:
    Reduced Price Lunch: .40
    Full Price Lunch: 1.50

    Side Dish (salad bar, fruit etc. ): .50
    Entree: 2.00
    Lunch without milk: 2.50
    Lunch with milk: 2.90

    For everyone: .30

  3. er that should be Milk: .30 at the end.

  4. Anybody see a problem with their pricing model?

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