Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not Tanned, but Rested and Ready

A long time ago a guy had a Blog. He was passionate and opinionated, but did his best also to be humble and to rememeber his own shortcomings. He wrote about a lot of stuff, stuff that was important to him. He wrote, it is said by some, well. But along the way he got burned out. Wrung out. Even grossed out. And so he left the Blogosphere. He posted a final farewell entry on his blog, closed up shop, and walked away.

Well, he's back. I'm back.

You won't find any links to my old blog on this one, nor any links to this one back there. This is about a fresh start, a new perspective, a "redo". If you're one of the privileged few to whom I gave a link to this new place, congrats. If you just stumbled across me, welcome.

The tone here will be... well, I'm not sure yet. I'm at a different place in life than I was back then, especially back when I STARTED the old digs. I think for now I'll let the tone set itself.

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